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about our three Nuovo scent blends

Muscle Therapy  is a blend of peppermint, - a stimulative base note, -along with lemongrass and other invigorating herbal top notes, all balanced with rosemary, a mid note that soothes discomfort and enhances circulation to muscles and skin

Soul Therapy  is a rich, smooth, intoxicating, yet not too heady blend of lavender as a top note, along with herbaceous mid notes and vanilla as a base note.  calming and grounding are the aromatherapy affects

Spirit Therapy  is a perfectly balanced blend of lemon verbena and citrus top notes, with subtle herby/ woody base notes, reminiscent of moss, balanced with a hint of mint,  It's uplifting and helps relieve mental and emotional tension

                   ~All three of our carefully created scent blends are 100% natural~

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